About FoodFleXpert

FoodFleXpert BV is an employment agency specialised in the recruitment, selection and placement of flexible production staff. We focus on placing deboners, trimmers, slaughterers and packers with employers in the food industry.

With over 20 years’ experience in various slaughterhouses and positions in meat processing ourselves, we are able to effectively translate this gained experience into the realisation of the client’s wishes and needs. We understand real-world practice on the work floor; we can identify needs and opportunities.
Whenever possible, FoodFleXpert takes care of everything on behalf of the client. This means we always ensure a proper selection procedure. What makes our concept unique is the internal training all our candidates take part in before being placed with an employer. We evaluate the potential employee on the basis of his or her strengths and then work to find the best match. As a result, we are able to help staff get to work right away, without the need for extended periods of training.
Through cooperation with an online training provider, we’re able to tailor our internal training process to specific clients.
We consider good housing, with all the appropriate amenities, an essential aspect. This is because we believe proper housing is immediately reflected in the job performance of the employees, meaning it directly benefits the hirer: you. When you choose FoodFleXpert, you can be certain of receiving good quality staff – as well as the resulting yield for your company.
Should you be interested in a collaboration with FoodFleXpert, feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to drop by for an introductory meeting, in which we can tell you exactly what sets our concept apart within the food industry.